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Title Description Type Year
Treasures from Cajal and De Castro

Compilation of the classic histological techniques used by Cajal and his disciples to found modern Neurology and Neuroscience.

Website 2012 Open URL
Unknown Ivan Pavlov

Translation and digitalization of the archival unpublished materials about Ivan Pavlov.

Website 2014 Open URL
Untold Stories: the Women Pioneers of Neuroscience in Europe

These are the stories of seven women born before 1900, who worked hard to pursue a career in science and who published pioneering works, largely forgotten.

Website 2016 Open URL
Using Twitter to communicate in your science life

How can scientists best use Twitter to communicate science? Learn from scientists who use Twitter on a regular basis as a tool for science communication.
Organised by the FENS Communication Committee at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum. Download your Twitter guide in the resource section of the FENS website.

Video 2020 Using Twitter to communicate in your science life
Volodymyr Betz (1834-1894) – World-renowned neurobiologist

Website dedicated to the world-ren0wned Ukrainian neurobiologist Volodymyr Betz (1834-1894).

Website 2015 Open URL
Volodymyr Pravdych-Neminsky (1879-1952): first EEG and struggle for neuroscience research

Biography of Volodymyr Pravdych-Neminsky: life and and contribution to electroencephalography.

Website 2015 Open URL
Why it’s important to be open about animal research in Portugal – video of EARA event in Lisbon

This event, focused on Improving Openness in Animal Research in Portugal, highlighted the importance of the Portuguese Transparency Agreement and the need to be proactive in giving the public information on the use of animals in research. The event was part of a series supported by FENS and SfN.

Video 2020 Open URL
Why Study the History of Neuroscience?

Paper published by Richard Brown.

Document 2019 View/Download
Young, John Z. – UK

Biography of Young, John Z. – UK
Via SfN

Document 1996 View/Download