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FENS Regional Meeting

In the odd years FENS supports the FENS Regional Meeting (FRM). FENS Regional Meetings are national or regional scientific meetings organised by FENS member societies with FENS support and label. FRMs are biennial meetings, alternating with the FENS Forums, which are held on even years.

FENS Regional Meeting took place in Pécs, Hungary, 20 - 23 September 2017. The next FENS Regional meeting will take place in 2019.

Find more details about the prelimenary programme on FRM 2017 website:


Travel grant application: closed.

Early bird registration: closed.

Abstract submission: closed.

Submitting registration form: 10 September 2017.

Registration fee due: 31 August 2017. 


  • Past FENS Regional Meetings (FRM)

For enquiries, please contact:

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Forum 2018

Next Forum7 - 11 July 2018 in Berlin, Germany 

Forum 2018 Website for detailed information


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European Journal of Neuroscience

EJN is the journal of FENS. EJN publishes original articles and reviews from all over the world, in all areas of neuroscience.