Are you an individual?

Individuals can become a FENS member via their national or single-discipline society or by applying for individual membership.

Become a FENS member through your society

FENS membership is automatically granted to individual members of FENS member societies.
Depending on your society’s membership status, you can become a full or an associate FENS member and enjoy the full or selection of benefit package.

Explore the list of FENS societies and submit your request.

Become an individual FENS member

Are you based in a country which doesn’t have a national neuroscience society? Are you based outside Europe?

You can apply for individual FENS membership.

Do you represent a society or organisation?

Federating 40 pan-European single discipline and national neuroscience societies from across 31 European countries, FENS represents European neuroscience from basic to clinical research.

Become a FENS member society

If you represent a single-discipline or national neuroscience society based in Europe, you can submit a request to join the FENS community by becoming a member society.
In addition to the many advantages that membership offers your  society, your members will automatically become FENS members and be able to enjoy the FENS benefits package!

Discover the FENS member societies and learn how to apply.

Become an affiliate member organisation

Affiliate member organisations are organisations with an interest in neuroscience, which share FENS values and want to support its activities in order to advance neuroscience research and education in Europe.

Learn more and apply for affiliate membership.