EU4Health Programme 2021-2027 - Stakeholder’s event 

The European Commission organizes a stakeholders’ webinar on the EU4Health programme on 8 July 2022, from 10:00 – 17:00 CEST. This event will allow stakeholders to influence EU policy by providing their feedback on health issues. The webinar is designed to prepare for the 2023 Work Programme by identifying key priorities and relevant health issues. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to facilitate the necessity to address neurological disorders and mental health in the next work programme.

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Calls for experts at the European Commission

Call for experts - Horizon 2020 programme

Call addressed to individuals for the establishment of a database of prospective independent experts to assist the European Commission with tasks related to Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

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Call for experts - Scientific Committees of the European Commission

The database of experts is open to scientists wishing to contribute to the work of the Scientific Committees of the European Commission on specific issues, on an ad hoc basis, as members of working groups or for scientific hearings and workshops.

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Calls for evidence - European Commission

Interim evaluation of Horizon Europe

The European Commission aims to evaluate the first outcomes of the Horizon Europe programme in the area of research and innovation during 2021-2023. Leave your feedback that will be taken into account in further elaboration of this initiative.

Deadline: 29 July 2022

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Ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020

This initiative is focused on the analysis of outcomes and impacts of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme during 2014-2020. Share your opinion to assist in implementing the current programmes and setting priorities for the future.

Deadline: 29 July 2022

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European Commission's Consultations

Public Consultation on a new EU Global Health Strategy

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the EU strategic framework for global health, which responds to the changes since the Commission’s 2010 Communication on the EU’s role in global health. The initiative aims to strengthen the EU’s leadership in this area while respecting human rights and ensuring health equity. Share your opinion on the EU’s approach to global health.

Deadline: 19 September 2022

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Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation - interim evaluation

The European Commission has conducted an interim evaluation of the Horizon Europe programme in the area of research and innovation. The initiative will also focus on setting priorities for the next programme. Public consultation is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022. This will be a great opportunity for the promotion of the interests of the neuroscience community in the next Horizon Europe programme.

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European Commission's Consultation on EU4Health priorities, strategic orientations and needs

Share your opinion on EU health priorities by participating in a targeted consultation on the 2023 EU4Health Work Programme. The position of the neuroscience community is needed as "Strand of action 02: Health promotion & Disease prevention" of the work programme is related to non-communicable diseases.
Deadline: 27 June 2022

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European Union Legislative Developments

Healthier Together – European Commission’s Initiative on EU Non-communicable diseases

On 22 June 2022, the European Commission presented a new initiative on non-communicable diseases, which covers the areas of mental health and neurological disorders. The initiative will support actions during 2022-2027.

The final text is available here

European Health Data Space (EHDS)

On 3 May 2022, the European Commission proposed a regulation on the European Health Data Space, which aims to facilitate the cross-border exchange of patients’ data and support the use of health data for research, innovation and policy-making to improve healthcare services in the European Union. This initiative will benefit researchers as they will have access to high-quality data within a trusted and secure framework that guarantees patient privacy. The proposal will now be discussed by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament.

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European Parliament resolution on artificial intelligence in a digital age (2020/2266(INI))

On 3 May 2022, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on artificial intelligence in a digital age. One of the areas covered by the document is related to the use of AI technologies in the health sector and touches upon the concept of brain imaging, emphasizing that the EU should contribute to the development of safe neurological technologies. Also, the European Parliament calls on the European Commission to consider the initiative on neurorights, which aims to protect the human brain and its activity as neurotechnology advances.

The final text is available here

EU4 Health programme 2021-2027

The EU4Health programme was launched in March 2021 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to reinforce cross-border crisis preparedness in the European Union. The programme is supported by a €5.3 billion budget during 2021-2027. It is focused on long-term health challenges by strengthening the health systems of the EU Member States. Also, the programme addresses the need for supporting actions to improve mental health and tackle neurological disorders.

The final text is available here