Publish in EJN

  • EJN embraces Open Science, offering you the best publishing experience for your research: Open Access publishing option, Shared Data, Registered Reports and Transparent Peer Review.
  • EJN helps authors by offering a rapid and easy submission process: we have no formatting requirements for submissions, and your article will be published online within a week of acceptance.
  • EJN prides itself on providing constructive, fair, and considerate peer review – seen in our transparent peer review correspondence online at Publons. EJN Editors (Sections Editors, Senior Editors and EJN’s Editor in Chief) will all review your paper and support you to make the most impact with your research.
  • EJN ensures your research is visible: EJN papers are downloaded close to 1 million times per year and continue to be cited years after they have been published.
  • EJN supports fellow researchers: by publishing in the journal of FENS you will help support FENS activities, including training and schools, grants and stipends, meetings and advocacy work.