FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships Programme

Status: Open

Deadline: 15 Oct 2023

Funding body: FENS, IBRO-PERC

IntroductionApplication formAwardees - April 2023 call

In their mutual and strong commitment to support early career researchers and intra-European mobility, with a set goal of advancing neuroscience research and training in Europe, FENS and the IBRO Pan-Europe Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC) are pleased to announce the launch of the FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships Programme.

Directed at master, PhD students and early post-doctoral fellows located in Europe, the FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships Programme aims to foster and broaden the scope of their methodological training by supporting goal-directed laboratory visits in established European laboratories.

Maximum Grant Amount: EUR 4.000

Funds may be used for travel and local expenses during the laboratory exchange. Funds will be transferred according to a 60:40 format, meaning 60% of the grant will be awarded at least 2 weeks in advance of the fellowship, and the remaining 40% upon completion of the exchange and submission of the associated grant report.

Application deadlines: biannually – on 15 April and 15 October  (midnight, Brussels time)

For any queries regarding the FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships, please contact chet@fens.org.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants should be Master or PhD neuroscience students or early postdoctoral fellows (maximum 5 years from the start of the postdoc) currently studying or working in Europe
  • Applicants should be members of a FENS society, individual FENS members or members of an IBRO member organisation in the Pan-Europe region
  • Mandatory letter of acceptance from the host laboratory
  • Letter of reference from the group leader of the home laboratory

Fellowship Specifications:

  • The length of the proposed stay should be a minimum of 4 weeks, and maximum of 3 months
  • Both the home and the host laboratories should be located within Europe
  • The fellowship must involve a change of country (i.e. the host laboratory should be located in a different country than the home laboratory)
  • The fellowship should be concluded in a maximum of one year from the time the grant has been awarded
  • The report associated with the completed fellowship should be submitted no later than 3 months following the conclusion of the laboratory stay
  • Candidates may only submit one application, for one fellowship, at one host laboratory during each round of applications.

FENS and the IBRO Pan-Europe Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC) are delighted to announce the awardees of the FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships (April 2023 call). The programme aims to support the career development of early-career researchers in the field of neuroscience by providing them with opportunities for intra-European mobility and by nurturing their growth in a skill-enhancing context.

FENS and IBRO-PERC are pleased with the high-rate response of the neuroscience community to this new initiative: 73 eligible applications from 23 European countries were submitted during the first FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships call, which closed on 15 April 2023.

FENS and IBRO-PERC warming congratulates the eleven awardees and wish them success in their scientific endeavours.

The recipients of the FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships are:

Career Status  Name  Home Lab  Host Lab  
Master  The grant recipient requested name not to be disclosed Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Greece  Institut Pasteur Paris, France 
Master  Emma Nesbit  Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany  University of Oxford, UK 
Postdoc  Emma Delhaye  University of Liege, Belgium  University of Lisboa, Portugal 
Postdoc  Clara Alice Musi   University of Milan, Italy 


Aston University, UK 
Postdoc  Giulia Carini  University of Brescia, Italy 


University of Oxford, UK 
Postdoc  Anna Lech   Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development, Poland 


IGBMC, Department of Biology and Stem Cell Development, France 
Postdoc  Jovana Aranđelović  University of Belgrade, Serbia 


Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal 
PhD   Agathe Moret  Paris Brain Institute, France 


University of Oxford, UK 


PhD  Bin Wan  Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Germany 


University of Cambridge, UK 


PhD  Oumayma Aousji  Universitaetsklinikum Ulm, Germany  Université Paris Cité, France  


PhD  Sara Badesso  Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), University of Navarra, Spain University of Milan, Italy 


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