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FENS Forum 2028 – Location announcement

10 July 2024

FENS is delighted to announce that the FENS Forum 2028, hosted by the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), will take place in the fabulous city of Glasgow, Scotland Though there’s some time to go before we meet in Scotland’s beautiful and often-voted ‘friendliest city’, we’re already looking forward to… Read More

FENS new leadership announcement

01 July 2024

FENS is proud to welcome FENS President Ole Kiehn, FENS Secretary General Panayiota Poirazi and FENS Treasurer Aniko Korosi as they begin their active terms in FENS leadership from 2024-2026. [...] Read More

Join us for the FENS Forum 2026 in Madrid, Spain!

13 June 2024

Coordinated by FENS in partnership with the Spanish Society of Neuroscience, the FENS Forum 2026 will take place on 4-8 July in Madrid, Spain. The FENS Forum 2026 will bring together experts in all fields of neuroscience to take us to the forefront of our current understanding of modern brain science. Read More

FENS CARE Writing Competition 2024 Winners

12 June 2024

The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Committee on Animals in Research (FENS CARE) is pleased to announce the winners of the FENS CARE Writing Competition for early career researchers 2024, focusing on Exploring the necessity of animal experiments! The winner of section A (Literary Work) is Ivan Montiel (MX)  … Read More