This directory includes calls for awards, grants and stipends, meetings, training activities, etc. offered by FENS and its partners.

Date Call Name Call Type
2022041818 Apr 2022 Cajal course on Advanced approaches to neuro evo-devo Training
2022101212 Oct 2022 EJN call for papers: New trends in the empirical study of consciousness: measures and mechanisms External Call
2022091212 Sep 2022 EJN call for papers: Functions and modalities of acetylcholine signaling in the mammalian brain External Call
2022051515 May 2022 Summer School on Affective Neuroscience Grant
2022081616 Aug 2022 FENS-Hertie Winter School: “Neuro-immune interactions in health and disease” Training
2022053131 May 2022 EJN Call for Papers: Local circuits to large-scale networks in the sleeping brain External Call
Ideas on topics for new training or educational activities General Call
2022101515 Oct 2022 NENS Exchange Grants Grant
202207099 Jul 2022 FENS Forum 2022: late registration Meeting