This directory includes calls for awards, grants and stipends, meetings, training activities, etc. offered by FENS and its partners.

Date Call Name Call Type
2024042323 Apr 2024 FENS travel grants available to attend the 17th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Neuroscience Society in 2024 Grant
2024033131 Mar 2024 FENS-EJN Image Competition General Call
202403033 Mar 2024 Travel Grant Application to attend the CNS Annual Meeting in 2024 Grant
2024022222 Feb 2024 ENCODS 2024 Meeting
2024012222 Jan 2024 Webinar on Neuronline on “Shedding Light on the Interaction Between Cannabinoids Use and Risk of Psychiatric Disorders” Outreach
2024012828 Jan 2024 ALBA-Roche Research Prize for Excellence in Neuroscience Award
2024013131 Jan 2024 ALBA-FKNE Diversity Prize Award
2024022222 Feb 2024 Application Form – ENCODS 2024 Grant
2024031212 Mar 2024 FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School on Monitoring and manipulating the affective state: new perspectives on neurotechnologies and AI tools Training
2024041515 Apr 2024 FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships Programme Grant
2024053131 May 2024 EJN Call for papers | Basal Ganglia and Related Disorders: From Cellular and Circuit Dysfunctions to Therapy External Call
202403055 Mar 2024 The Brain Conference: Circuits for Movement Meeting
2024062323—24 Jun 2024 ENCODS 2024 Training
2024022929 Feb 2024 EJN call for papers: The relevance of a philosophical toolkit to advance neuroscience External Call
2024062525—29 Jun 2024 FENS Forum 2024 Meeting
2024041515 Apr 2024 FENS/IBRO-PERC Exchange Fellowships Programme Grant
Ideas on topics for new training or educational activities General Call
2024022222 Feb 2024 Peter Seeburg Integrative Neuroscience Prize Award
2024021515 Feb 2024 FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence Mentoring Prize Award
202403055 Mar 2024 Travel grants for The Brain Conferences Grant
2024031212 Mar 2024 Stipends for FENS Summer School Grant
202402099 Feb 2024 Travel grants for the FENS Forum Grant
2024021515 Feb 2024 FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence PhD Thesis Prize Award