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JobID Position City Country Institution Deadline
19011 Ph.D. Student Basel Switzerland F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
19008 Post-doctoral position Gothenburg Sweden Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg
19003 Post-doctoral position Bergen Norway University of Bergen 2018/06/03
19002 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader Glasgow UK University of Glasgow 2018/06/06
19001 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Glasgow UK University of Glasgow 2018/06/17
18997 Post-doctoral position Kuopio Finland University of Eastern Finland 2018/05/06
18995 Ph.D. Student Lucca Italy IMT School For Advanced Studies Lucca 2018/08/03
18994 Ph.D. Student Mannheim Germany Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty Mannheim 2018/06/08
18992 Ph.D. Student Innsbruck Austria Medical University Innsbruck 2018/05/28
18988 Ph.D. Student Sherbrooke Canada Université de Sherbrooke
18987 Post-doctoral position Orsay France CNRS - ENS Paris Saclay
18984 Post-doctoral position Stockholm Sweden Karolinska Institutet 2018/06/22
18975 Post-doctoral position Amsterdam Netherlands Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience 2018/07/15
18974 Ph.D. Student Amsterdam Netherlands Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience 2018/07/15
18972 Post-doctoral position Buffalo, NY USA Jacobs School of Medicine, University at Buffalo
18971 Research Associate in Neuroengineering - UK Dementia Research Institute London UK Imperial College London 2018/06/24
18969 Ph.D. Student Amsterdam Netherlands Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN) 2018/07/16
18963 Ph.D. Student Osnabrueck Germany University of Osnabrueck 2018/06/16
18951 Ph.D. Student Marseilles France Aix-Marseille University 2018/07/01
18944 Post-doctoral position Tuebingen / Stuttgart Germany University of Tuebingen / University of Stuttgart 2018/09/01
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How to become a FENS member

FENS currently represents 43 European neuroscience societies with 24.000 member scientists from 33 European countries.

Are you not yet a member of your national society? Then, please click the 'join FENS' button at the top right of this page, enter your details and an application will be sent to your preferred Society and therefore also to FENS.


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EJN Special Issue on the Neurobiological Bases of Autism Spectrum Disorders

The work spans almost the entirety of approaches represented in the neurosciences, reporting on molecular neurogenetics, synaptic physiology, neuronal pathology, animal models, human neurophysiology, anatomy and psychophysics as our field works to understand this extraordinarily prevalent condition. 


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Boost your technical skills

The following Cajal hands-on courses are open for applications:

Advanced Imaging Methods for Cellular Neuroscience
10-28 September 2018

Deadline: 30 May

Linking Neural Circuits and Behaviour
8-26 October 2018

Deadline: 13 June