The Brain Conferences Committee

Set up in 2012, the Brain Conference Committee is a special Committee responsible for the successful implementation of the Brain Conferences series.

This biannual conference series is organised and financed through a partnership between FENS and the Lundbeck Foundation. They aim to promote excellence, scientific exchange and visibility for diverse topics in contemporary neuroscience. It focuses on the highest degree of scientific excellence worldwide by continuously engaging leading experts as scientific chairs and speakers.

Meet the Brain Conferences Committee 2022-2024

Peter Dayan

Peter Dayan, Germany


Since September 2021

Sonja Hofer , United Kingdom


Since November 2019

Denis Jabaudon , Switzerland


Since November 2020

Past Brain Conferences Committees

Past Brain Conferences Members

2018-2024: Isabelle Mansuy (CH) - Chair, Ulman Lindenberger (DE), Asya Rolls (IL)

2016-2021: Zoltán Nusser (HU)

2016-2020: Oscar Marín (UK)

2016 - 2019: Ray Dolan (UK) - Chair, Botond Roska (CH)

2014 - 2018: Christine Petit (FR), Erin Schuman (DE)

2014-2015: Tobias Bonhoeffer (DE) - Chair

2012-2014: Pico Caroni (CH) - Chair, Barry Dickson (AT) - until 2013, Ole Kiehn (SE),  Richard Morris (UK)

2011:  Pico Caroni (CH) - Chair, Barry Dickson (AT), Ole Kiehn (SE), Richard Morris (UK)