Job ID: 117050

Flexible career or postdoc positions to probe and manipulate novel brain projections in reward circuit and hippocampus

Position: flexible career or postdoc position

Deadline: 19 November 2024

Contract Length: 3-5 years

City: Irvine

Country: United States

Institution: University of California-Irvine

Department: Anatomy/Neurobiology


Love Research but not sure the ‘usual’ Academic path is for you? Join us in flexible-track, research only positions!

a. Manipulate the maturation of the hippocampal circuit Lead a novel, high impact project using non-invasive transcranial optogenetics to influence the maturation of the hippocampal circuit and rescue memory from the effects of early life stress. See Birnie & Baram, Science, 2022:

b. Probe novel projections in the reward circuit.

Birnie et al., Nature communications, 2023: Kooiker et al., Biological Psych GOS, 2023:

Join a friendly diverse team using molecular, cellular and circuit approaches to probe enduring plasticity of neurons and circuits as a result of early-life adversity, changes that may contribute to adult mental illness.

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