Job ID: 118420

Lab manager research assistant

Position: Technician

Deadline: 31 July 2024

Employment Start Date: 1 April 2024

Contract Length: 6 months, renewable

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Paris Brain Institute



The Bacci lab focuses on neuronal circuits of the cerebral cortex. We study how different cortical neuron types connect with one another and how the properties and plasticity of these connections underlie the orchestration of various cognition-relevant network activity. We also study how specific alterations of cortical circuits can contribute to the emergence of different brain diseases.

The lab employs several experimental approaches that include in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, in vivo 2-photon Ca2+ imaging, behavior, and anatomical approaches, including confocal microscopy. For our research, we use many genetic mouse lines that allow identifying and manipulating several elements of the cortical circuit.  For more information, please visit:

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing support to the many research projects of the lab, managing mouse lines, and ensure smooth laboratory operations, thus contributing to cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience.


Main Tasks:

  1. Managing >30 laboratory mouse lines:
    1. Monitoring of crossings, weaning, and isolations
    2. Regular monitoring of animals, with appropriate care and follow-up in case of illness or injury.
    3. Collaboration with associated platforms such as the animal facility, genotyping, histology, and imaging.
  1. Administrative duties:
    1. Management of lab supplies and consumables
    2. Purchasing orders.


Secondary Tasks:

Participation in anatomical studies that include intra-cardiac perfusions, brain sections, and immunohistochemistry.

Acquisition of images at a fluorescence or confocal microscope.

Data analysis and presentation.


Education and Experience Requirements:

Minimum Bachelor’s degree, maximum Master’s degree.

Previous experience in mouse handling in an animal facility.

Demonstrated skills in animal management.

Knowledge of immunohistochemical markings.

Ability to acquire and analyze images.


Required Skills:

Ability to work in a team.

Proficiency in spoken and written English.

Rigor and organizational skills.

Communication and management skills.


Employment Conditions:

Contract Type: Fixed-Term Contract

Contract Duration: 6 months, renewable

Working Hours: Full-time (part-time possible)

Remuneration: Depending on experience

If you are passionate about neuroscience and want to join a dynamic team in a cutting-edge research environment, please send your CV, cover letter and a reference letter in one single PDF file to with the subject “Lab manager research assistant”.