The FENS Schools

The FENS Schools are run within an intimate setting by leading scientists around novel concepts and theories in neuroscience. This format facilitates exchange between students and faculty and is a great opportunity for participants to develop new ideas, network and broaden their horizons.

Discover the School Venues

Lac Léman

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French, Genfersee in German) is the largest lake in Switzerland, located in far Western Switzerland. The NeuroLéman Network – established in Spring 2018 – brings together neuroscientists and clinicians from the Lac Léman region from all fields of neuroscience within and across universities and disciplines.

Obergurgl winter school

Obergurgl University Centre

The Obergugl University Centre is an international centre for sport, research and conferences. The history of the centre goes back to 1951, when three former customs buildings were converted for use by the Obergurgl Federal Sports Center and Innsbruck University's Alpine Research Center. That marked the beginning of a focus on sport and science with international participation.

What they say about the FENS Schools

Testimonials from the Faculty

“It is an exceptional opportunity for the students to be in a place like this where they can concentrate on the topic and meet great speakers who are available for them.”

Prof. Emiliana Borrelli (University of California Irivine, USA), Scientific co-chair of the FENS SfN Summer School 2015.

"These schools happen in a very relaxed setting where people can think outside the box. This is the kind of interaction which brings value and stimulates new ideas."

Prof. Oscar Marin (King's College London, UK), Scientific co-chair of the FENS SfN Summer School 2014.

Testimonials from the participants

"I've never attended such a great school! I met a group of wonderful people. I left the school not only with more knowledge, but also with many new contacts and ideas for my future. Everything was perfect."

Matías Alloatti, participant of the FENS SfN Summer School 2019.

“Given the small group size of relevant peers and the willingness of the speakers to discuss ideas, the school was a great forum for exchanging ideas, networking, disseminating our research, discussing how to progress in a research career and for getting some hints and tips on techniques.

Importantly, the lecture structure was more like a school and less like a typical conference presentation. There was a focus on delivering the key concepts and underlying hypothesis of the research theme and subsequently how the presenter’s results fitted within this context.”

Aidan Kaar, participant of the FENS SfN Summer School 2015.