This initiative aims to create a virtual public platform for hosting autobiographies, videos, pictures and other electronic materials relating to renowned neuroscientists and their work.

The FENS History Committee holds an annual call for projects documenting the history and development of neuroscience.

The grants prioritise projects in which historic material such as films, photos, images or histological slides are presented on the web. Projects should be completed within 1-2 years and are posted on an online platform.

The best projects are selected for support of up to €1,500 (a detailed budget is expected). 60% of the grant will be awarded at the beginning of the project, and the final amount will be transferred after completion.

The scope of the projects for 2021 is to celebrate the history of neuroscience around the globe.

Applications for the 2021 call can be submitted here.

Explore the FENS resources page to discover the projects previously funded under this call.