Ukrainian Society for Neuroscience

Kyiv, Ukraine

NGO “Ukrainian Society for Neuroscience” (USN) is a voluntary and self-governing social and scientific organization of citizens of Ukraine, who are employed at scientific and/or teaching jobs in the area of neuroscience. The society was founded in 1998. More than 100 Ukrainian scientists are USN members. USN is a member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies.
The president of the society is Dr. Prof. Acad. Oleg Krishtal.

The main goal of society is the consolidation of the efforts of scientists for solving fundamental and applied scientific problems in different branches of neuroscience.

To achieve this goal the Society puts the following tasks:

  • coordination of research in neuroscience;
  • integration of research and education through intensification of research in higher school;
  • raising the international significance of the research in neuroscience, performed in Ukraine;
  • organization of scientific events (congresses, symposia, workshops, etc.).

Status: Full Member Society

President: Prof. Oleg Krishtal


Member Benefits

  • Reduced fees to the USN Congress and other events
  • Grants
  • FENS membership and EJN access

USN members participate in the organization and activity of many events.

The main Society’s event is Congress organized once per three years.  It is intended to provide a forum for neuroscientists working on molecular, structural, and functional aspects of the nervous system to present and discuss their latest findings. Since the first Congress in 1998, this meeting attracts about 300 neuroscientists each time. Traditionally the Congress Program includes nationwide seminars of the students of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine uniting students of high grades of secondary schools. They make scientific reports, attend lectures, and become familiar with the work of neurobiological laboratories.

Also, USN participated in the organization of symposia “Ion channels trimming the brain” (September 24-26, 2015, Kyiv), “Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission regulation” (October 2012, Kyiv), and other meetings.

The annual workshop “Biophysical methods in neuroscience” is organized in Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology and allows university students to attend lectures of leading scientists and practical courses with modern laboratory techniques.

Since 2010 USN participate in Brain Awareness Week in Ukraine. Scientific ’round tables’ and lectures promote the science of the brain among many people. Regular workshop for junior school students is necessary to introduce the basics of neuroscience to young people.

Also, USN is the co-organizer of the Ukrainian Brain Bee competition.

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