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The listed below Springer Journals are available at the special subscription rate of EURO 50 (US$ 75) per volume to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate.


Psychopharmacology is an international journal that covers the broad topic of elucidating mechanisms by which drugs affect behavior. The scope of the journal encompasses the following fields: Experimental, Clinical and Translational, Behavioral and Neural, Translational, Molecular, Genetic and Epigenetic. This is Official Journal of the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS).

Experimental Brain Research

Founded in 1966, Experimental Brain Research publishes original contributions on many aspects of experimental research of the central and peripheral nervous system. The focus is on molecular, physiology, behavior, neurochemistry, developmental, cellular and molecular neurobiology, and experimental pathology relevant to general problems of cerebral function. The journal publishes original papers, reviews, and mini-reviews.

Brain Structure and Function

Brain Structure & Function publishes research that provides insight into brain structure−function relationships. Studies published here integrate data spanning from molecular, cellular, developmental, and systems architecture to the neuroanatomy of behavior and cognitive functions. BS&F does not publish purely clinical or neuropathological papers except in cases where the work actually contributes to the understanding of normal brain structure and function. Research on the peripheral nervous system is not the focus of BS&F.

Journal of Neural Transmission

The Journal of Neural Transmission establishes an interface between basic sciences and clinical neurology and psychiatry and acts as a platform for translational research publications in neurosciences and associated clinical fields, thus bridging the gap between basic knowledge and clinical application.

Cognitive ProcessingCognitive Processing -- International Quarterly of Cognitive Science is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes innovative contributions in the multidisciplinary field of cognitive science. Its first aim is to present the latest results obtained in the manifold disciplines concerned with the different aspects of cognitive processing in natural and artificial systems: artificial intelligence, computer science and knowledge engineering, linguistics, mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy and cognitive anthropology, psychology, robotics.

Journal of Computational NeuroscienceThe Journal of Computational Neuroscience provides a forum for papers that fit the interface between computational and experimental work in the neurosciences, publishing full length original papers, rapid communications, and review articles describing theoretical and experimental work relevant to computations in the brain and nervous system. The Journal of Computational Neuroscience is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 0929-5313. 6 issues/year


The Cerebellum is an international journal devoted to the science of the cerebellum and its role in ataxia and other medical disorders. The Cerebellum is the official publication of the Society for Research on the Cerebellum . The Cerebellum is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 1473-4222. 6 issues/year.

molecular_neuroscienceThe Journal of Molecular Neuroscience is committed to the rapid publication of original findings that increase our understanding of the molecular structure, function, and development of the nervous system. Covering all aspects of molecular neuroscience , the journal offers a means for accelerating the progression of basic research findings toward clinical utilization. The Journal of Molecular Neuroscience is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 0895-8696. 9 issues/year.

neuro immune

The Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology interfaces the disciplines of immunology, pharmacology and experimental neuroscience by acting as a platform for research discoveries into the pathogenesis and pharmacology of brain disorders affecting the immune system. The Journal is the official publication of the Society on NeuroImmune PharmacologyThe Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 1557-1890. 4 issues/year.


Metabolic Brain Disease serves as a forum for the publication of outstanding basic and clinical papers on all metabolic brain disease, including both human and animal studies. The journal publishes papers on the fundamental pathogenesis of these disorders and on related experimental and clinical techniques and methodologies. Metabolic Brain Disease is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 0885-7490. 4 issues/year.


Molecular Neurobiology is an exciting review journal for neuroscientists who wish to stay in close touch with progress at the forefront of contemporary molecular brain research. It is specifically designed to synthesize and critically assess research trends for all neuroscientists at the cutting edge of this dramatically developing area. Molecular Neurobiology is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 0893-7648. 6 issues/year.


Neuroinformatics publishes original articles and reviews with an emphasis on data structure and software tools related to analysis, modeling, integration, and sharing in all areas of neuroscience research. Neuroinformatics is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 1539-2791. 4 issues/year.

neuromolecularNeuroMolecular Medicine (part B of the Journal of Molecular Neuroscience) presents cutting-edge research articles and critical reviews on the molecular and biochemical basis of neurological disorders. Coverage ranges from genetic analyses of human populations to animal and cell culture models of neurological disorders, and includes findings concerning the identification of genetic aberrancies and their pathogenic mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels. NeuroMolecular Medicine is available to FENS members at the special electronic-only subscription rate of EUR 50 (US $75) per volume. ISSN 1535-1084. 4 issues/year.

The Journal of NeuroVirologyneurovirology (JNV) provides a unique platform for the publication of high-quality basic science and clinical studies on the molecular biology and pathogenesis of viral infections of the nervous system, and for reporting on the development of novel therapeutic strategies using neurotropic viral vectors. ISSN: 1538-2443.

neurochemical research

Neurochemical Research is devoted to the rapid publication of studies that use neurochemical methodology in research on nervous system structure and function. The journal publishes original reports of experimental and clinical research results, perceptive reviews of significant problem areas in the neurosciences, brief comments of a methodological or interpretive nature, and research summaries conducted by leading scientists whose works are not readily available in English. ISSN: 1573-6903.

neurotoxicity research

Neurotoxicity Research is an international, interdisciplinary broad-based journal that contains papers reporting on both basic and clinical research on classical neurotoxins and mechanisms associated with neurodegeneration, apoptosis, nerve regeneration and neurotrophic actions. It is the official journal of the Neurotoxicity Society. ISSN: 1476-3524.

translational stroke research

Translational Stroke Research covers basic, translational, and clinical studies. The Journal emphasizes novel approaches in order to help translate scientific discoveries from basic stroke research into the development of new strategies for prevention, assessment, treatment, and repair after stroke and other forms of neurotrauma. The Journal provides an interactive forum for the dissemination of original research articles, review articles, research reports, letters, comments, and research protocols, in stroke and stroke related areas. Its distinguished editorial board is made up of leading stroke researchers and physicians from North America, Europe, and Asia.SSN: 1868-601X.

brain topography

Brain Topography publishes clinical and basic research on cognitive neuroscience and functional neurophysiology using the full range of imaging techniques including EEG, MEG, fMRI, TMS, diffusion imaging, spectroscopy, intracranial recordings, lesion studies, and related methods. Submissions combining multiple techniques are particularly encouraged, as well as reports of new and innovative methodologies. Examinations of the function of a specific brain region or regions in patients or animal models would also be appropriate, provided that they demonstrate clear relevance and applicability to humans. ISSN: 1573-6792.

Invertebrate Neuroscience

Invertebrate Neuroscience publishes original articles, reviews and technical reports describing recent advances in the field of invertebrate neuroscience. The journal reports on research that exploits the simplicity and experimental tractability of the invertebrate preparations  to underpin fundamental advances in neuroscience. Articles published in Invertebrate Neurosciences serve to highlight properties of signalling in the invertebrate nervous system that may be exploited in the field of antiparisitics, molluscicides and insecticides. ISSN: 1439-1104.

Cellular and Molecular NeurobiologyCellular and Molecular Neurobiology publishes original research concerned with the analysis of neuronal and brain function at the cellular and subcellular levels. The journal offers timely, peer-reviewed articles that describe anatomic, genetic, physiologic, pharmacologic, and biochemical approaches to the study of neuronal function and the analysis of elementary mechanisms. Studies are presented on isolated mammalian tissues and intact animals, with investigations aimed at the molecular mechanisms or neuronal responses at the level of single cells. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology also presents studies of the effects of neurons on other organ systems. ISSN: 1573-6830.

Journal of the Association for Research in OtolaryngologyJournal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (JARO) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings from disciplines related to otolaryngology and communications sciences, including hearing and balance. JARO welcomes submissions describing original experimental research that investigates the mechanisms underlying problems of basic or clinical significance. Commentaries and reviews are published at the discretion of the editorial board; consult the editor-in-chief before submitting. JARO is a member of the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium (NPRC) ISSN: 1438-7573.


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