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Date Event Name Event Type Location
01—19 Jun 2024 Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School – TENSS 2024 Training Județul Cluj, Romania
27—31 May 2024 ELECTRAIN – Extended Methods Course in Electrophysiology Training Niedersachsen, Germany
24—21 May 2024 Neurizons 2024 Meeting Göttingen, DE
23—24 May 2024 Brain Tumor Meeting 2024 Meeting Berlin
EJN call for papers: The relevance of a philosophical toolkit to advance neuroscience External Call -
EJN Call for papers | Basal Ganglia and Related Disorders: From Cellular and Circuit Dysfunctions to Therapy External Call -
Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research Award -
EJN call for papers: Steven A. Brown Special Issue on Dynamic interactions of biological clocks, sleep and metabolism External Call -
FENS CARE travel grants for training General Call -
The Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience Award -
The Brain Prize Award -
Training -
ALBA-Elsevier Award Lecture Award -
Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize Award -
EJN call for papers: New trends in the empirical study of consciousness: measures and mechanisms External Call -
Ideas on topics for new training or educational activities General Call -
EJN call for papers: Functions and modalities of acetylcholine signaling in the mammalian brain External Call -
Neuroscience hands-on training survey General Call -
NENS Call for Education and Training Clusters 2020 General Call -
SfN 2021 Meeting -