Wiley call for papers: Neurodiversity

Organiser: Wiley


Event Dates: 31 Aug 2023

Registration Deadline: 31 Aug 2023

Wiley welcomes global submissions on all aspects of neurodiversity, and the European Journal of Neuroscience is taking part! They seek to explore neurodiversity within a global context through a diverse authorship and a variety of intersectional perspectives, and especially welcome research that addresses one or more of the following areas:

  • The conceptualisation and evolution of neurodiversity as a social movement.
  • Current processes and experiences of diagnosis globally and across different social identities (including gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status), such as barriers to diagnosis, inequalities in diagnosis, and the benefits and challenges of formal diagnosis for individuals today.
  •  Efforts to build neurodiversity awareness through education and public campaigns.
  • Fostering inclusive environments through support and interventions, particularly in education, workplaces, healthcare, policing and carceral systems.
  • Important challenges commonly faced by people that are neurodiverse, including the impact of neurodiversity and perceptions of neurodiversity on individual mental health, the availability of appropriate support services, the removal of stigma, and the historical and current impact of the pathologizing of some neurological differences.
  • The future of research on neurodiversity and how research programs are working to improve the lived experiences of those with diagnoses.
  • Ongoing and future endeavours in experimental investigation of the molecular, cellular and behavioural substrates of the “neurodiverse brain” in animal models and human subjects.

The full call for papers is available here. 

Status: Closed

Sorry, this call is currently closed