Brain Awareness Week 2014

17 January 2014

FENS News, Society & Partner News

In 2014, the directors of The Dana Foundation once more approved a grant to FENS. This money enables funding of several small grants to various European Brain Awareness Week partner organisations for public presentation during the campaign. FENS warmly congratulates the grant winners!
FENS distributed these grants in a competitive procedure. A call for applications was launched and the best projects were selected. 58 applications from 21 different European countries were submitted, 27 projects in 19 different European countries can be supported. The following BAW events (listed in alphabetical order by last name) were selected for funding:

1. Arsen, Gasparyan (Yerevan, Armenia) – ”Neuroscience in Art” contest – exhibition

2. Brezovar, Simon (Ljubljana,Slovenia) – Brain Awareness Week: In the network

3. Dierssen, Mara (Barcelona, Spain) – Barcelona Brain Awareness Week 2014

4. Džaja, Domagoj (Zagreb, Croatia) – Brain: neural gates and mathematical keys

5. Echevarria, Diego (San Juan de Alicante, Spain) – Animal models for understanding brain function

6. Esen, Ferhan (Eskişehir, Turkey) – BAW 2014 in Eskişehir-Turkey

7. Fitchett, Ann Elizabeth (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK) – Amazing Brains

8. FitzGerald, Una  (GalwayIreland) – My Amazing Brain

9. Franke, Margret (Berlin, Germany) – Brain Awareness week in Berlin

10. Girão da Cruz, Maria Teresa (Coimbra, Portugal) – What Goes Through My Mind?

11. Gurzu, Cristian (Brăila, Romania) – Changing Brains

12. Jovanovic, Ksenija (Toledo, Spain) – BAW 2014 Toledo, Spain

13. McCall, Julianne (Heidelberg, Germany) – Discover Your Senses: School Workshops by PhD Students

14. Mogoase, Cristina (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) – Mind Your Brain!

15. Moldovan, Mihai (Bucharest, Romania) – Brain for society

16. Opacka-Juffry, Jolanta (London, UK)  – Legal highs – can they kill?

17. Pajazetović, Semra (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Creativity and the Brain

18. Panagis, George (Crete, Greece) – Brain Awareness Activities in Neurosciences

19. Pollozhani, Kreshnik (Skopje, Macedonia) – Drugs and Addiction

20. Radwanska, Kasia (WarsawPoland) – Brain Awareness Week: “The top questions in neuroscience”

21. Rebelo, Sandra (Aveiro, Portugal) – Brain emotions

22. Rovere, Carole (Valbonne, France) – French Riviera in Nice, Antibes and Valbonne and the surroundings

23. Shohami, Esther (Jerusalem, Israel) – Brain Awareness Week in Israel

24. Sukhotina, Irina (St Petersburg, Russia) – 1st St.-Petersburg Brain Awareness Week: “Out of stress and depression”

25. Tillet, Yves (Nouzilly, France) – Brain Awareness Week 2014: Events in Tours (France)

26. Tóth, Éva (Hevesvezekény, Hungary) – Design Your Brain

27. Zappalà, Giuseppe (Torino, Italy):  Food and Brain

  • As a new initiative, a few awardees will be invited to prepare a poster based on their awarded BAW grant for the FENS Forum 2014. The selected posters will then be featured throughout the FENS Forum in Milan.