Brain Awareness Week Funds 2013

01 February 2013


01 February, 2013 in FENS News

Brain Awareness Week Funds 2013: the grant awardees announced

n 2013, the directors of the Dana Foundationonce more approved a grant to FENS. This money enables funding of several small grants to various European Brain Awareness Week partner organisations for public presentation during the campaign. FENS warmly congratulates the grant winners!

FENS distributed these grants in a competitive procedure. A call for applications was launched and the best projects were selected. 85 applications from 26 different European countries were submitted, 27 projects in 19 different European countries can be supported. The following BAW events (listed in alphabetical order by last name) were selected for funding:

Gasparyan, Arsen (Yerevan, Armenia) -Brain Awareness Week in the Schools of Armenia

Beames, Finn (London, United Kingdom) – The Anatomy of Melancholy: an Opera

Castelo-Branco, Miguel (Coimbra, Portugal) – The magic brain

Chazal, Geneviève (Marseille, France) – The emotional brain: from pleasure to addiction

Çiçek, Metehan (Ankara, Turkey) – 3rd Brain Awareness Week in Ankara University Brain Research Center

De Sousa, Alexandra (Bath, United Kingdom) – Getting Hands On with Brain Evolution

Dierssen, Mara (Barcelona, Spain) -BCNeuroscience programme BAW 2013

Dose, Inken (Berlin, Germany) – Brain Awareness Week Berlin – Several different projects during Brain Awareness week 2013

Efthimiopoulos, Spiros (Athens, Greece) – Young Brainiacs; The Importance of Stress and Sleep for the Adolescents; Brain Path Finder

Gurzu, Cristian (Brăila, Romania) -Sparkle Brains

Kestutis, Jankevicius (Plunges, Lithuania) -Inside The Teen Brain – practical applications of modern neuropsychology

Kisvárday, Zoltán (Debrecen, Hungary) – Brain research during shopping

Knapska, Ewelina (Warsaw, Poland) -Brain Awareness Week: “The top questions in neurosceince”

Krugers, Harmen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – ‘Neurowetenschappers op school (‘Neuroscientists at school’)

Madarász, Emília (Budapest, Hungary) – ‘What our brain is doing while we act – the neurobiological basis of behaviour’

Maggi, Adriana (Milan, Italy) – ‘Cervell..a..mente’ (Brain…Mind)

Méry, Pierre-François (Montpellier, France) – Let’s meet brains in downtown Montpellier!

Prötsch, Markus (Salzburg, Austria) – Brain Awareness Week in Salzburg

Pyza, Elzbieta (Krakow, Poland) – The 2013 Brain Awareness Week in Krakow: “Brain and Drug Abuse”

Radoš, Milan (Zagreb, Croatia) – Dancing Brain – Neuroscience of Movement

Refael, Aviram (Jerusalem, Israel) – Brain and Cinema Week 2013

Rodrigues, Ana João (Braga, Portugal) – Open Your Brains

Solomon, Tom (Liverpool, United Kingdom) – Battling the Brain Bugs

Snežana, Stanković (Belgrade, Serbia) – Serbian Brain Awareness 2013 – “All Brains in One Place”

Starc, Martina (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Brain Awareness Week 2013: On the trail of development

Thibert, Chantal (Grenoble, France) – Achievements and challenging one’s limits

Zappalà, Giuseppe (Torino, Italy) – Sport and the Brain.