Brain Campaign Website is active

19 November 2004


19 November, 2004 in FENS News

Brain Campaign Website is active

Brain Campaign – a central resource to help neuroscientists to reach the public

The European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB), the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) have established a network called Brain Campaign. The Brain Campaign is aimed to be the central resource to help neuroscientists to reach the public. It provides a platform for brain awareness activities around the world.

The main tool of the Brain Campaign is an interactive website. This website will provide, among others, material useful for brain awareness activities such as information brochures for kids, for school teachers, for patients etc in many languages. All neuroscientists are invited to put on this website their publications, which they used for reaching the general public in their country.

However, in this initial phase we feel it necessary to actively put life into this website. We therefore would like to invite you to contribute to this website. All publications for the general public in electronic format are welcome:

When sending in the information you agree to the following:

The publication will be submitted to a native speaker reviewerThat there will be no copyright conflict when the publication will be put on the Brain Campaign website.

Please send all contributions to