EBRA releases an open consultation on the Shared European Brain Research Agenda

05 April 2022

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The development of the Shared European Brain Research Agenda was launched in December 2019 and is currently underway within the EBRA project, with the aim to provide recommendations on future areas for excellent, innovative and translational research.

The process began by analysing existing agendas as well as the overlapping ends, which was shared with 90 experts in the brain research area. In the context of two surveys (one in March 2020 and another in July 2020), these experts were asked to contribute their five most important priorities, gaps and enabling actions and to rank them in order of priority. In November 2020, those were further examined and dissected by the involved experts.

With today’s Open Consultation launch, EBRA calls to receive input and gather perspectives from the brain research community as a whole — may it be scientists, patients, caregivers, associations, industry, neurologists, psychiatrists, regulators, decision-makers, politicians, funders, etc. — at the national, EU and global level.

Community response will provide direct feedback on the final content of SEBRA and ensure that all community perspectives are properly included in the document. Feedback will be analysed and fed into a section of the final document, which will be presented to the European Commission to highlight and attest to the need for a brain health partnership.

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About EBRA

The European Brain Research Area project (EBRA) was created as a catalysing initiative for brain research stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, patients, governments, funders and public institutions) to streamline and better coordinate brain research across Europe while fostering global initiatives.