FENS Forum in Geneva 2008

06 June 2007


06 June, 2007 in FENS News

FENS welcomes satellite events for the next FENS Forum in Geneva 2008

If you wish to organise and announce a satellite meeting, please forward us your request at fensforum@bordeaux.inserm.fr, before October 31, 2007, including:

– title – venue – dates and time – names of the speakers and tentative titles of their talks – general description of the contents of the event – website of the event (if available) – contact address Important: Please bear in mind the following rules: The dates of the satellite meetings must be associated temporally and geographically with the FENS Forum but must not overlap with the dates of the Forum (July 12-16, 2008). Satellite events are announced by FENS after approval by the chairman of the Programme Committee, but they are not sponsored by FENS. The organization and the costs incurred are under the full responsibility of the respective organisers. FENS advertises satellite meetings but does not provide a detailed website for these events.

For further information on the FENS Forum 2008 in Geneva please visit: http://fens2008.neurosciences.asso.fr/