FENS Regional Meeting 2023: call for proposals open to FENS member societies

01 June 2021

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FENS societies are invited to submit a proposal to host the FENS Regional Meeting 2023.

The aim of FENS Regional Meetings is to increase the visibility of the member societies and their national meetings, and to support and promote the development of local/regional neuroscience research.
FENS Regional Meetings have previously been held in Warsaw (2009), Ljubljana (2011), Prague (2013), Thessaloniki (2015), Pècs (2017) and Belgrade (2019).
The FENS Regional Meeting 2021 organised jointly by the Polish Neuroscience Society and the Lithuanian Neuroscience Association will take place as a virtual conference on 25-27 August 2021. In 2021, registration fee is waived for all FENS members.

Further information has been sent to the FENS societies. Proposals should be submitted by the Society President by 30 August 2021. Proposals will be evaluated by the FRM Committee and presented to the Governing Council.