IBROs Science Advisory Programme

11 September 2006


11 September, 2006 in FENS News

IBROs Science Advisory Programme

The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) is pleased to announce its Science Advisory Programme (ISAP), which provides expert advisory boards to review neuroscience institutions around the world.

Recognizing that informed peer review is one of the most effective systems for setting standards of excellence in the scientific establishment, the ISAP provides a resource that is scarce in the international neuroscience community. The aim of ISAP is to assist institutions wishing to evaluate scientific and teaching activities held in their own departments or institutes of Neuroscience. Institutions from any country may apply. When asked, IBRO will use its regional and international resources to help create competent and impartial Scientific Advisory Boards (SABs), which can provide expert advice in the form of outside reviewers or site-visiting teams. To ensure the effectiveness of this programme, IBRO may partner with regional organizations (such as FENS in Europe) and national member societies.

More information on the ISAP can be found at http://www.ibro.info/Pub_Main_Display.asp?Main_ID=234