ISN School in cooperation with FENS

27 March 2013


27 March, 2013 in FENS News

ISN School in cooperation with FENS on “Local protein synthesis in axons and dendrites”

We are inviting student applications for the ISN School on “Local protein synthesis in axons and dendrites” in cooperation with FENS to be held in Crete in September 2013.

The school will be held in Kolymbari, Crete, Greece, 24-28 September 2013.

View the venue of the Orthodox Academy of Crete.

topic of the school:

The necessity of protein synthesis for different forms of neuronal plasticity, including learning and memory, has been well documented since the 70s. Recently however, the importance of local protein synthesis in the axon and dendrites has emerged. Local protein synthesis allows for a more precise regulation within space and time of activity-induced gene expression. Both axons and dendrites have been shown to have complex transcriptomes and all the necessary machinery for protein synthesis.

See flyer of the school.

application information:
Interested PhD Students and Young Post-docs are encouraged to apply. There is no registration fee and room and board will be covered for all participants. Approximately 35 students and post-docs will be accepted. A number of travel grants will be awarded to accepted students (and young post-docs), who are members of ISN. Information on how to become an ISN member.

Deadline for applications: Monday, May 27th, 2013.

Link to online application.

For questions please, don’t hesitate to contact: