Join “The smile of the mind”

14 May 2013

Neuroscience News

14 May, 2013 in Neuroscience News

Join “The smile of the mind” exhibition on a history of Neuroscience by artistic caricature in Pavia, Italy, at the Campus Bio-medico Santa Caterina: 16th May to 6th June 2013

The exhibition examines the historical development of Neuroscience and is divided in three sections.

While the first part is a historical introduction with the major caricatures on Neuroscience by Leonardo, Brueghel, Daumier and others, the second part is a showing of the original caricatures that appeared in satirical journals, lithographies, pictures from the 16th century to 20th century. The final section is a display of the original books regarding physiognomy and caricatures with one the first publications printed in 1586 by Giambattista della Porta, with the title of “De Humana Physiognomonia”.
The program of the event is available at: