Join the webinar on Neuronline “Shedding Light on the Interaction Between Cannabinoids Use and Risk of Psychiatric Disorders”

04 January 2024


Join the online webinar on “Shedding Light on the Interaction Between Cannabinoids Use and Risk of Psychiatric Disorders” on Neuronline: the registration deadline is 22 January 2024. 

Psychiatric disorders have a complex etiology that involves an interaction among genetic and environmental factors. Among environmental factors, linked to an increased risk of psychiatric disorders is the use of cannabinoids, which poses a major psychiatric risk when performed during adolescence, a critical phase of neurodevelopment where specific neuroplastic changes occur that determine later brain function. In particular, the prefrontal cortex, which regulates many superior brain functions, matures during adolescence, and disruption of this process may eventually deteriorate several high-order brain domains (i.e., cognition, emotionality, processing of stimuli) and favor the onset of psychiatric disorders. The link between cannabinoid use and increased risk of psychiatric disorders is evident in users of Cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic cannabinoids seem to induce more severe psychiatric symptoms than natural cannabinoids and may either exacerbate existing psychoses or trigger new-onset psychoses, most likely because they act as full cannabinoid receptor agonists. Thus, natural and synthetic cannabinoids robustly affect dopamine and aminoacidergic neurotransmission impacting the development of cortical trajectories and functions. Recently, further concern on the risk of psychiatric disorders linked to cannabinoids use comes from the increasing popularity of vaping synthetic cannabinoids by means of e-cigarette devices, especially among youngsters. E-cigarettes containing cannabinoids are available in the market, but the effect of cannabinoids vaping on the brain are ill defined.  

Three speakers from preclinical and clinical research field will shed light on the proposed topic. This webinar provides an opportunity to gain expertise in the field of natural and synthetic cannabinoids by an overview of the detrimental effects of natural cannabinoids and increased risk of psychiatric disorders in humans (Marta Di Forti), and neuropsychiatric sequelae of their toxicity in adolescents (Yasmin Hurd), and up-to-date information of the pharmacological and toxicological properties of synthetic cannabinoids, as estimated by preclinical models of drug dependence (Maria Antonietta De Luca).

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  • Marcello Solinas, (FR), University of Poitiers
  • Maria Antonietta De Luca, (IT), University of Cagliari
  • Marta Di Forti, (UK), King’s College London
  • Yasmin Hurd, (USA), Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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