Mapping of Danish Neuroscience

25 January 2017

Society & Partner News

25 January, 2017 in Societies & Partner News

In order to get a deep insight into the current strengths of Danish brain research Lundbeckfonden decided to conduct a scientometric analysis encompassing basic and clinical research.

The report describes the standing of Danish brain research and how this field has developed over the past 10 years (2005-2015) compared to seven other countries; USA, Canada, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

The report shows that Danish Brain Research is doing well being placed in the top of a group of countries also comprising Germany, Sweden and Canada. However, there is room from improvement as the four other countries USA, Switzerland, UK and the Netherlands cluster in a group well ahead of the aforementioned countries. For all the countries, scientific output is steadily increasing over the years with Denmark having the highest relative growth of publication output. 

To access the report, please click on the image below: