Message from FENS President Prof Irene Tracey on Publishing in EJN

20 June 2024


Dear colleagues and members,

As we journey further into this year of ground-breaking discoveries in neuroscience and with the highly anticipated FENS Forum 2024 just around the corner, I am eager to address you today on the importance of publishing in the European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN), the official journal of FENS. EJN is not just an ordinary scientific journal. It is a first-rate scientific publication produced by scientists for scientists in support of the neuroscience community. It is your journal and represents your community.

Over the years, EJN has proven to be the ideal platform for disseminating your research to a global audience, being one of the first journals to champion now indispensable features for all scientific publications, including Open Access options, shared data initiatives, registered reports, and transparent peer review processes.

One of the hallmark advantages of EJN is its rapid and straightforward submission process. The absence of formatting requirements allows your article to be published online within a week of acceptance. There are also no submission fees or page charges, ensuring accessibility to all researchers.

Furthermore, EJN is committed to constructive, fair, and considerate peer review. Each article is reviewed by active scientists with expertise from all branches of neuroscience, hence you can trust that your work is being evaluated by top professionals in the field. This transparent peer review process guarantees rigorous and insightful feedback to help your research receive the attention it deserves and maximise its impact.

By choosing to publish in EJN, you not only amplify the visibility and impact of your research but also support the initiatives and activities of FENS. Proceeds from the journal contribute to training programmes, grants, meetings and outreach and advocacy efforts that benefit the entire neuroscience community.

Therefore, I urge you and your colleagues to make EJN your platform for sharing your discoveries and research. Together, we can expand the frontiers of neuroscience and bring a meaningful impact on the world.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to seeing the incredible contributions that will emerge from our community through the pages of the European Journal of Neuroscience.