New MQ investments in research into mental health

11 March 2014


11 March, 2014 in FENS News

We are now well into 2014, the days are longer and spring has arrived! Like spring, MQ represents change and commitment to the new. This year will see new MQ investments in research into mental health, research that will improve current treatments, identify new treatments and increase the quality of life for those burdened by mental illness. Read on to find out what we are up to.

MQ has recently launched its 2014 Fellows Programme. The Programme is open to researchers from all disciplines related to mental health research. It provides up to £75,000 p.a. for three years, or up to £225,000 in total funding. MQ Awardees will be either newly independent or finalising their transition to independence, and so at a stage where their career is committed to mental health research.

For more information or for an application pack please visit MQ’s website.

Introducing Dr. Joshua Roffman: a 2013 MQ Fellow

Dr. Joshua Roffman is one of the inaugural MQ Fellows. Based at Massachusetts General Hospital, his research project investigates whether folic acid supplements could be used to prevent schizophrenia.

Click here to read more about Dr. Roffman and his exciting research.

Depression PSP

MQ is working with our colleagues at the James Lind Alliance, and other organisations, to develop a survey focused on research priorities for depression. Those affected by depression, their family members, and clinicians will be asked to tell us what they think are the most important questions that research should answer. Watch this space for more news!

To find out more about the James Lind Alliance, click here.

MQ Comments …

Waiting times are often in the news and we’re all familiar with cries that they should be reduced and with legislation to bring them down. In mental health care there’s another issue: access. This is not simply about waiting for treatment, but getting through the barrier to accessing it in the first place.

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