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03 August 2014


03 August, 2014 in FENS News

A series of articles by Monica Di Luca, Marian Joëls and Sten Grillner in a June issue of Neuron addresses some big questions.

The following articles appeared in Neuron 82, June 18, 2014.

  • The Cost of Brain Diseases: A Burden or a Challenge? Brain diseases represent a considerable social and economic burden in Europe. With yearly costs of about 800 billion euros and an estimated 179 million people afflicted in 2010, brain diseases are an unquestionable emergency and a grand challenge for neuroscientists.Monica Di Luca
  • Megascience Efforts and the Brain Several recent megascale neuroscience efforts in the U.S. and Europe are concerned with developing infrastructure for tools, modeling, or neuroinformatics. It may seem surprising that they are not instead focused directly on gaining fundamental new insights into brain function.Sten  Grillner
  • A Tale of Two Sexes This year marks the first time that the largest Neuroscience societies in the U.S. and Europe are led by females. Here we discuss the challenges that women face in moving through the ranks of academia and propose ways to increase women’s representation in the field. Marian Joëls