SfN abstracts on new Theme H: “Public Awareness and Societal Impacts”

17 April 2008


17 April, 2008 in FENS News

SfN abstracts on new Theme H: “Public Awareness and Societal Impacts”

The SfN has announced that its traditional Theme H at the annual meeting has changed this year from “History and Teaching of Neuroscience” to “History, Teaching, Public Awareness, and Societal Impacts in Neuroscience,” and includes two new sub-themes: Public Awareness of Neuroscience, and Ethical and Policy Issues in Neuroscience.

In addition, posters in Theme H (which historically have remained up all week) will receive the opportunity to be moved to a visible, high-traffic area in the food court for the remainder of the meeting after their four hour time block on Sunday afternoon. With this change in procedure, the SfN would like to:

promote Brain Awareness (public education about neuroscience) and ethics and policy issues that were not included previously.

promote more communication between presenters in Theme H and meeting attendees during a single time block

improve overall visibility of posters in Theme H using the higher density of people in the food court.
provide Brain Awareness and ethics and policy issue presenters with a citable abstract that can be listed on their CVs, formally recognized, and counted toward promotion.

For precise guidelines on the themes and submitting posters see: