The boon and bane of the impact factor

12 December 2012


12 December, 2012 in FENS News

The boon and bane of the impact factor

The editorial “Impacting our Young” by Eve Marder (Past President of the American Society for Neuroscience), Helmut Kettenmann (Past President of FENS) and Sten Grillner (President of FENS) has been published in the most recent issue of PNAS (PNAS 2010 107 (50) 21233).

It deals with the fact that the impact factor has become a formal part of the evaluation process in many countries for job candidates and for promotion, with both salutatory and pernicious consequences. Please find this article by clicking on the link below.

Editorial: „Impacting our young” by E. Marder, H. Kettenmann, and S. Grillner