The Brain Prize 2019: Call for Nominations

16 May 2018

Society & Partner News

16 May, 2018 in Societies & Partner News

The call for nominations is now open to look for candidates for the € 1 million prize, The Brain Prize, which is awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation.

The Brain Prize recognizes highly original and influential advances in research on the nervous system, covering all aspects from fundamental studies to research related to understanding and treatment of diseases of the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

The Prize may be awarded to one or shared by two or three scientists who have distinguished themselves through publication of outstanding results in the field of brain research. The prize may in extraordinary cases be awarded to four or more researchers.

Nominees can be of any nationality and working in any part of the world.

It was awarded for the eigth time this year, to Bart De Strooper, Michel Goedert, Christian Haass and John Hardy.

This Prize is intended to raise the visibility of neuroscience and to be a stimulus to this important field of research. The Selection Committee seeks your help in securing nominations of the highest quality. Please consider nominating one or more individuals (by following the link to the website in the announcement below), and feel free to forward this message to others, anywhere in the world, who might be prepared to nominate.

Nominations under active consideration by the Selection Committee will be retained for a further 2 years, unless specifically withdrawn by the nominator. Renomination of previous nominees is possible and encouraged.

Call for Nominations is open until 1 September.