The Brain Prize – Call for Nominations 2016

20 May 2015

Society & Partner News

20 May, 2015 in Societies & Partner News

Call for nominations have been announced to identify candidates for the € 1 million prize, The Brain Prize, which has been established by a private Danish foundation, the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation.

The Brain Prize recognizes highly original and influential advances in research on the nervous system. Nominees can be of any nationality but the research for which they are nominated must have been conducted in Europe or in collaboration with researchers in Europe. 

The € 1 million prize is a personal prize and will be awarded in Copenaghen in July 2016. 

It was awarded for the fifth time this year, to Winfried Denk, Germany, Arthur Konnerth, Germany, Karel Svoboda, USA, David W. Tank, USA.

This Prize is intended to raise the visibility of neuroscience and to be a stimulus to this important field of research. 

Nominations will roll forward into the next two years unless the nominator specifically withdraws the nomination.

For more information, please visit The Brain Prize website.