The Human Brain Project: Competitive Call for additional beneficiaries

19 August 2013


19 August, 2013 in FENS News


The HBP has reserved a portion of its ramp-up phase funding for specific research tasks to be carried out by new beneficiaries who will join the consortium in 2014. These new beneficiaries will be selected from proposals submitted in response to this Competitive Call.

The Competitive Call covers the following topics of the HBP work plan:

1. Human and mouse neural channelomics and receptonics.

2. Genotype to phenotype mapping of the mouse brain.

3. Identifying, gathering and organizing multimodal human and nonhuman neuroscience data.

4. Cognitive architectures.

5. Novel methods for rule-based clustering of medical data.

6. Neural configurations for neuromorphic computing systems.

7. Virtual robotic environments, agents, sensory & motor systems.

8. Theory of multi-scale circuits.

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