The International Brain Bee: Cultivating the next generation of neuroscientists

30 June 2021

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Brain Bees are neuroscience competitions for teenagers (age 13 through 19) hosted around the world.

The article “The International Brain Bee: Cultivating the next generation of neuroscientists” (Garth A. Fowler, Astrid Eberhart, Neuron) provides the history of the Brain Bee initiative, the recent formation of the International Brain Bee (IBB) organisation, the IBB World Championship, and how scientists, educators, and other organisations can contribute.

About the IBB

The IBB championship is always held in association with a major neuroscience conference. In early 2018, the International Brain Bee was established as a charitable organisation, thanks to the support of five major organisations dedicated to brain research and education: the American Psychological Association (APA), the Dana Foundation, FENS, the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) and the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). The IBB 2022 will take place at the FENS Forum 2022 organised in Paris, France.