The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Repatriation Fellowship

13 February 2008


13 February, 2008 in FENS News

The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Repatriation Fellowship

Repatriation Fellowships are intended to support the repatriation of outstanding young researchers who have recently completed post doctoral studies outside New Zealand and who propose to return to New Zealand and conduct research in scientific fields of relevance to the Neurological Foundation. The award will assist them to return to New Zealand and will provide personal support for one year of research in a New Zealand institution.

Qualifications:Applicants for a Repatriation Fellowship should be NZ citizens, or hold permanent residency, and have completed at least one year of post doctoral studies outside New Zealand. It is envisaged that most applicants will hold PhD qualifications, but medical graduates are not excluded from applying. Prior to submitting an application candidates must secure the support of a sponsor within a New Zealand university, hospital or research institution.

Application Process:

Applications must be made on the form provided and include a clear description of how the applicant intends to use the year to further their research career and outline their plans to secure ongoing funding. A letter of support from the institutional sponsor is required.

Conditions of Tenure:

Repatriation Fellowship awards will be administered through the host institution. The general conditions of appointment are those of that institution.


The Repatriation Fellowship will fund one year of salary at the post-doctoral level commensurate with the recipient’s experience and qualifications, and be based on the salary scales of the host institution. If other salary funding is available then the Fellowship can be taken over a period of up to two years. General working expenses of $10,000 will also be provided. A budget justifying the working expenses is required and this can be prepared after the recipient returns to New Zealand. Applicants should ensure that the host institution can support the research by the provision of office and/or laboratory space, major equipment, computers, animal facilities etc. The Foundation will also provide funds for a one-way economy air ticket to New Zealand. Reporting: Fellows are required to submit a report within three months of completing the Fellowship.


Results published during the tenure of a Repatriation Fellowship should acknowledge the assistance of the Neurological Foundation by stating that “the research was conducted during tenure of a Repatriation Fellowship of the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand.


Application for the Repatriation Fellowship closes on April 1st each year and should be made on the Foundation’s application form NF09. The signed original plus 14 copies are required. In addition, please submit an electronic copy of the form to:

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application early in July. Electronic application forms (in MS Word) can be obtained from the Secretary of the Foundation or the Foundation’s web site

Further enquiries to: Dr Douglas Ormrod, Scientific Secretary Neurological Foundation of NZ PO Box 110022, Auckland Hospital, Auckland 1148 Phone: (09) 309-7749 Fax: (09) 377-0614 E-mail: