Visit the New Web Portal for Neuroscience Educators

18 April 2012


18 April, 2012 in FENS News

Visit the New Web Portal for Neuroscience Educators

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) recently launched the  Educational Resources in Neuroscience (ERIN) Web portal which contains an edited and reviewed database of teaching resources across the spectrum of neuroscience that are searchable by topics, media types, educational levels, and other resource characteristics

ERIN helps neuroscience faculty find high-quality materials, including books, software, lab exercises, and a vast range of online images, tutorials, animations, and videos. At the same time, ERIN facilitates the creation of a community of practice in which faculty can exchange syllabi, lab exercises, and ideas about innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

While ERIN is open to all users to search and view resources, SfN members, as an added benefit, can nominate new resources and provide ratings and reviews assessing strengths and weaknesses of individual resources for teaching specific courses. In addition, the ERIN site connects SfN members to the Neuroscience Education and Training Community on NeurOnLine, the Society’s virtual community in which educators can share ideas and discuss topics related to neuroscience training.