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Title Description Type Year
Angelo Mosso and his brain-mind problem, a seed for the modern brain imaging

Documentation of Angelo Mosso’s outstanding and pioneering activity on the relationship between the mind and the brain.

Website 2015 Open URL
Charles Darwin’s works and early European neuroscience

Video documentary covering the history of Darwinism and development of neuroscience in Europe.

Video 2015 Charles Darwin’s works and early European neuroscience
Insight into Greek neuroscientists

An insight into well-k0wn Greek doctors that had a major impact in the field of Neuroscience.

Website 2015 Open URL
Rediscovering Hibernation: Research of the Belgrade School of Physiology

Biography of the Sorbone graduate and member of several national academies of sciences, the Serbian scientist, Professor Jean Giaja (Ivan Djaja).

Website 2015 Open URL
Volodymyr Betz (1834-1894) – World-renowned neurobiologist

Website dedicated to the world-ren0wned Ukrainian neurobiologist Volodymyr Betz (1834-1894).

Website 2015 Open URL
Volodymyr Pravdych-Neminsky (1879-1952): first EEG and struggle for neuroscience research

Biography of Volodymyr Pravdych-Neminsky: life and and contribution to electroencephalography.

Website 2015 Open URL