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Title Description Type Year
Gilberto Rossi, a neuroscientist and an intellectual of the Novecento

Biography of Gilberto Rossi (1894-1960), a neurophysiologist whose work has left a deep trace in the neurophysiology of the 20th century.

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Neuroscience in British Literature

Online exhibition exploring the intersection of neuroscience and British literature.

Website 2016 Open URL
Neurosciences in-formation: a visual history of Galvanism

Interactive website in which the visual representation of Galvanism in the late 18th and early 19th century illustrations allow to navigate the history of this practice.

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The Eduardo Pons Tortella neurological tissue bank

Online audio-visual display of pathological tissue samples and autopsied brains preserved in the Spanish Society of Neurology’s Museo Archivo Hist√≥rico.

Website 2016 Open URL
The neuroscientific works of Sigmund Freud

Video documentary on the history of Freud’s neuroscientific works.

Video 2016 The neuroscientific works of Sigmund Freud
The vision of Alfred Yarbus

Online biography of Alfred Lukya0vich Yarbus (1914-1986).

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Untold Stories: the Women Pioneers of Neuroscience in Europe

These are the stories of seven women born before 1900, who worked hard to pursue a career in science and who published pioneering works, largely forgotten.

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