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Job ID Job Title Position Institution City Country Deadline Published
60445 Postdoctoral position: decision-making in rodents Post-doctoral Position INCIA, Bordeaux Neurocampus Bordeaux France 28 February 2022 21 September 2021
60423 Postdoc Position at the Translational Neurobiology Laboratory, Department of Neuroscience Post-doctoral Position University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen Denmark 15 October 2021 21 September 2021
60405 Doctoral student and postdoctoral researcher in circadian regulation of pain Post-doctoral Position University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland 1 November 2021 21 September 2021
60397 Postdoctoral position in Cognitive Neurosciences and Human-Robot Interactions, INSERM,CAPS-University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France Post-doctoral Position INSERM-University of Bourgogne DIJON France 30 November 2021 21 September 2021
60347 Postdoctoral position in cellular neurobiology and human stem cell biology Post-doctoral Position Sorbonne Université Paris France 30 November 2021 20 September 2021
60298 Post-doctoral position in olfaction Post-doctoral Position CERVO Brain Research center Quebec Canada 31 October 2021 17 September 2021
60296 Quantitative postdoctoral research position available at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest to investigate the neural circuits underlying cognitive functions in health and disease Post-doctoral Position Institute of Experimental Medicine Budapest Hungary 4 October 2021 17 September 2021
60288 Postdoctoral Fellow – Vulnerability in Neurodegenerative Disease Post-doctoral Position Van Andel Institute Grand Rapids United States 30 November 2021 17 September 2021
60336 Postdoctoral position in Synapse Biology Post-doctoral Position Ecole Normale Supérieure, INSERM, CNRS, PSL Research University Paris France 30 October 2021 17 September 2021
60277 Post-doctoral position: neurophysiology and decision making in macaque monkeys Post-doctoral Position ICM, Paris Brain Institute Paris France 1 January 2022 16 September 2021
60270 Alzheimer’s Research UK funded PDRA position Post-doctoral Position University of Strathclyde Glasgow United Kingdom 13 October 2021 16 September 2021
60226 Medical Faculty: Neuroscience Professor Central Michigan University College of Medicine Mt. Pleasant United States 31 October 2021 16 September 2021
60222 Postdoctoral fellow Post-doctoral Position National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health Bethesda United States 1 December 2021 16 September 2021
60240 PhD and postdoctoral positions: Research Unit: Resolving the prefrontal circuits of cognitive flexibility (FOR5159) Post-doctoral Position University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, University Freiburg, Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Tübingen University, Goethe University Frankfurt Hamburg, Freiburg, Mannheim, Munich, Frankfurt, Tübingen Germany 15 November 2021 16 September 2021
60206 Postdoctoral fellowship in Neurobiology and animal behavior Post-doctoral Position Inserm Grenoble France 3 January 2022 15 September 2021
60182 Postdoctoral Research Associate Post-doctoral Position Washington Univeristy in St Louis Saint Louis United States 15 November 2021 15 September 2021
60115 Postodoctoral position (18 months): Understanding the role of the corticomesolimbic pathway in the emotional comorbidities of chronic pain Post-doctoral Position Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences (CNRS), Strasbourg, France Strasbourg France 1 November 2021 14 September 2021
60113 Post-doctoral Scientist Molecular Neurobiology, Storkebaum Lab, Donders Institute and Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands Post-doctoral Position Radboud University and Donders Institute Nijmegen Netherlands 24 October 2021 14 September 2021
60111 Dissecting the mammalian image-stabilization system Ph.D. Student Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ein Kerem Jerusalem Israel 1 November 2021 14 September 2021
60135 New strategies to boost oligodendrocyte differentiation to treat multiple sclerosis Post-doctoral Position IGBMC ILLKIRCH France 1 November 2021 14 September 2021