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Job ID Job Title Position Institution City Country Deadline Published
117478 Data scientist position in cortical inhibitory microcircuits data science engineer position Paris Brain Institute Paris France 31 December 2024 17 January 2024
117475 Postdoctoral Research Associate Post-doctoral Position University of Virginia School of Medicine Charlottesville United States 24 February 2024 17 January 2024
117474 Postdoc position in Paris to study neural circuit dynamics and behaviour in cavefish Post-doctoral Position Ecole normale superieure Paris France 1 April 2024 17 January 2024
117310 Postdoctoral researcher in neurodegenerative disease mechanisms with focus on Alzheimer disease therapy Post-doctoral Position Karolinska Institutet Solna, Stockholm Sweden 31 January 2024 16 January 2024
117467 Post-doctoral position at Bordeaux Neurocampus Post-doctoral Position Neurocentre Magendie Bordeaux France 30 November 2024 16 January 2024
117466 Postdoctoral position in Neuroscience/Neuroendocrinology (ERC-funded project) Post-doctoral Position Neurocentre Magendie U1215, Inserm, University of Bordeaux. Bordeaux France 31 May 2024 16 January 2024
117465 Postdoctoral position in Bioinformatics/Single Cell Biology Post-doctoral Position U1215 Neurocentre Magendie, Inserm, University of Bordeaux Bordeaux France 31 December 2024 16 January 2024
117464 PhD position in Neuroscience/Neuroendocrinology (ERC funded project) Ph.D. Student Inserm U1215, Neurocentre Magendie, University of Bordeaux. Bordeaux France 1 May 2024 16 January 2024
117462 Phd Student: Desensitizing trauma-induced plasticity using psychotherapy-like treatments in female mice Ph.D. Student Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology Heidelberg Germany 31 March 2024 16 January 2024
117454 Dysrupted circuits of the mesolimbic system Ph.D. Student Medical University of Vienna; Center for Physiology and Pharmacology Vienna Austria 31 August 2024 16 January 2024
117443 POST-DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIP AT THE KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET, SWEDEN Post-doctoral Position Karolinska Institutet Stockholm Sweden 9 February 2024 12 January 2024
117442 Postdoctoral position at Bordeaux Neurocampus “Neural circuit of flavored nicotine vaping in rodents” Post-doctoral Position University of Bordeaux - Neurocampus Bordeaux France 30 April 2024 12 January 2024
117438 Postdoctoral Researcher at Laboratory of Neuronal Plasticity Post-doctoral Position Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS Warsaw Poland 31 January 2024 11 January 2024
117435 Postdoctoral researcher molecular neurobiology and induced pluripotent stem cell research and development Post-doctoral Position University of Antwerp Antwerp Belgium 29 February 2024 11 January 2024
117421 Post-doctoral position in the field of neural stem cell metabolism, University of Lausanne, Switzerland Post-doctoral Position University of Lausanne Lausanne Switzerland 10 February 2024 11 January 2024
117420 Search for candidates to apply on a PhD position Ph.D. Student Sorbonne Université Paris France 29 January 2024 11 January 2024
117418 PhD studentship, neuroimaging and computational neuroscience Ph.D. Student Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Rovereto Italy 15 February 2024 11 January 2024
117415 Postdoctoral positions in Columbus, USA Post-doctoral Position The Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center Columbus United States 1 February 2024 9 January 2024
117414 Full-time research assistant/technician position in Neuroscience Technician Medical University of Vienna, Center for Brain Research Vienna Austria 31 March 2024 9 January 2024
117413 Bioinformatics & systems modeling for neurodegenerative disease research Study Engineer Sorbonne Université Paris France 1 April 2024 9 January 2024