International Doctoral Program Computational Neuroscience

Berlin, Germany

Learning type(s): In Person

Language(s): English

Duration: 3 years

Degrees available: PhD

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Domains: Circuit Dynamics and Oscillations, Cognition and Neural Network, Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience, Motivation, Emotion and Behaviour, Psychiatric and Cognitive Disorders, Sensory Systems, Synaptic Integration, Excitability and Plasticity

Subdomains: Attention and Perception, Computational clinical neuroscience, Conceptual modelling and pure theory, Data analysis and software tools, Decision making and reasoning, Deep and Machine Learning, EEG, Electrophysiology, fMRI and PET, Learning and memory, Multisensory integration, Neural Network Models

The International Doctoral Program at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin (BCCN Berlin) is an interdisciplinary research program. Neuroscience is one of the most intensively developing and important sciences of the 21st century. Understanding the functioning of the brain requires the collaborative efforts of neurobiologists, neuropsychologists, cognitive scientists, medical researchers, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers. Students who have completed the Doctoral Program will have the ability to communicate across these diverse disciplines which will help them to make their own contribution to the fast growing field of neuroscience.

Enrolled doctoral students will benefit of structured supervision through the faculty of the BCCN Berlin and a specific qualification program, including the lectures for Doctoral and Master students and a broad range of courses teaching transferable skills. Students must acquire the following credits, which includes a course on Good Scientific Practice, regular PhD Symposia, and a lecture on Computational Neuroscience.

  • 15 ECTS in Advanced Courses (20 for Charité PhD students)
  • 10 ECTS in Translatable skill Courses & Workshops

Our doctoral program is funded by the Einstein Foundation for three years beginning fall 2022 until summer 2025 as an Einstein Foundation Doctoral Program. We are very grateful for this funding that will enable us to further develop our program and implement new ideas.


Philippstraße 13/Haus 6, 10115 Berlin, Germany