MSc in Neuroscience

Nicosia, Cyprus

Learning type(s): In Person

Language(s): English

Duration: 13 months Full-Time/ 2 years Part-Time

Degrees available: MSc

Programme website

Domains: Neurodegenerative Disorders and Pathological Aging

Subdomains: Biological rhythms and sleep

School Programme Description
As a student on this programme, you will be educated in and exposed to the significant issues in Neuroscience. The challenging curricula includes mandatory taught courses which cover the main aspects of Neuroscience and a number of elective courses enabling you to broaden your knowledge of other relevant and complementary fields. The MSc Research or Library Projects based on various aspects of Neuroscience, are conducted in the state-of-the-art Departments of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. As an International Centre of Excellence, the CING carries out pioneering research in Neuroscience and therefore provides you with the knowledge and tools to complete a comprehensive and competitive Research or Library Project.

MSc Neuroscience at the CING is suitable for you:

If you are a graduate with a background in medicine, biological and related sciences, genetics, neuroscience, biomedicine, chemistry, psychology, pharmacology, physiology and other related fields, looking to progress your studies.

This programme is appropriate for you if you want to graduate with:
– Work experience
– Hands-on lab skills
– A thorough understanding of the latest research and academic knowledge in innovative fields
– The capabilities to successfully enter the job market or further education

Education in a real work environment
The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics is a leading research centre in the region, equipped in providing an unrivaled educational experience to you as a student. You can expect to be taught and mentored by leading Biomedical Researchers, Geneticists and Neurologists in Cyprus, while also working alongside them in their respective laboratories. Upon graduation you will have a CV rich in hands-on work experience, the latest knowledge and skills and you will be fully prepared for employment.


Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine, the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics