Neurobiology – Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

Learning type(s): In Person

Language(s): English, Serbian

Duration: 1-2 year (MSc), 3-5 years (PhD)

Degrees available: MSc, PhD

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Domains: Cognition and Neural Network, Neurogenesis and Development

Subdomains: Cognitive development and aging, Intervention methods, Mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, Pharmacology, Psychiatric disorders, Social cognition and behavior, Synaptogenesis and activity-dependent development

This module with an interdisciplinary approach provides integral knowledge on the Neurophysiology from the cell as the basic unit of the physiological behavior to higher cognitive processes. This approach is included in the basic, obligatory course of Cellular Neurophysiology and the elective courses covering multidisciplinary aspects of neurophysiology: Biomedicine, Neuropsychology and Biophysics. Lecturers recruited for the module are selected from young emerging researchers and experienced professors and PIs. The lecturers` main fileds of expertise are molecular biology, physiology and medicine. Subjects within the submodule curricula provide a combination of practical/technical courses on electrophysiology or advanced microscopy (with organized visits to relevant laboratories) and theoretical courses of biomedical orientation, thus extending the knowledge of neurobiology. To follow this Neurophysiology module some previous knowledge is preferred (but not obligatory) of General physiology, Neurobiology and Basic systems biophysics. The submodule is primarily intended for graduates of Biology, but also for scholars in related fields such as Medicine, Defectology, Physics, Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.


Studentski trg 12, Belgrade, Serbia