PhD in Neuroscience

Torino, Italy

Learning type(s): In Person, Virtual

Language(s): English

Duration: 4 year

Degrees available: PhD

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Domains: Cell Biology and Cell Types, Neurodegenerative Disorders and Pathological Aging, Neurons and Glia: Intrinsic Properties, Cell Biology and Cell Types, Other Brain Diseases, Ischemia, Stroke, Injury, Synaptic Integration, Excitability and Plasticity

Subdomains: Animal behaviour, Astrocyte-neuron interactions, Ataxias, Cell excitability, Cell lineage and cell fate specification, Demyelinating, Developmental disorders, Early neuronal activity, Electrophysiology, Epilepsy, GABA/Inhibitory transmitters, Glia-neuron interactions


Regione Gonzole, 10, 10043 Sanatorio San Luigi TO, Italy