Through the CARE committee, FENS works to promote transparency in neuroscience research involving the use of animals. This includes:

  • Supporting, in collaboration with SfN, a series of workshops on improving openness in animal research across Europe, organised by the European Animal Research Association (EARA).
    Workshops have previously been held in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, amongst others.
  • Organising topical debates and discussions at FENS meetings such as the Forum and FRM, as well as relevant partner events. Browse the FENS calendar to find out more.
  • Collaborating with partners such as the Consortium for Public Outreach on Animal Research in order to improve public awareness of the responsible use of animals in research.
  • Developing comprehensive, accessible outreach materials and collating useful resources.


CARE offers grants to support training in the context of the implementation of the European Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. Training should be focused on the 3Rs (replacement, refinement, reduction); two different types of grant are available:

  • Grants for animal research support staff: the aim of these grants is to fund support staff working with animals who wish to travel to another facility for training.
  • Grants for academic institutions: these grants should be used to invite experts to come to an institution in order to train that institution’s animal research support staff.

Browse the open calls or contact to stay updated on opportunities to apply for a CARE training grant.

Support from FENS

FENS offers support to researchers facing challenges to their work and responds to media when research is questioned. Get in touch with the committee at if you’re in need of support.