“The venue, including the location, accommodation, and food, was fabulous!  A wonderful spot to come together and exchange ideas.  The talks were great and there were lots of exciting discussions.”

Prof. Dr.  Erin Schuman (MPI Brain Research, Germany)

“I would like to thank you for the great opportunity and the FENS stipend that you gave me to attend the Brain Conference 2023 in Denmark. This travel grant enabled me to communicate my work to the broad neuroscience community and improve my presentation skills. In addition, as my work is submitted to peer-reviewed journal, I had the chance to present my work and receive amazing feedback from experts in the field. Additionally, I had the chance to develop my networking skills and meet great professors from the field. Also, it significantly enhanced my confidence as a young researcher and facilitated my search for a lab that is well-suited for continuing my career. Last but not least, I would like to highlight the great structure of the conference (programme) that give the opportunity and the time for brainstorming and feedback from senior scientists to young scientists and the nice idea of incorporating into the programme spotlight oral presentations.”

Theodora Chalatsi, PhD student (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

“The Brain Conference on RNA Mechanisms and Brain Disease was one of the best meetings that I have attended thus far! It allowed me to interact with most prominent scientists in the field, discuss new ideas and learn about cutting-edge techniques. The meeting had an excellent mixture of basic and translational science and covered a wide variety of topics which was incredibly inspiring. The conference was held in the atmosphere of openness and inclusion and the fact that most of the attendees stayed in the same venue facilitated scientific dialogue and helped to interact more easily with other scientists.   Fantastic organisation as well as hotel and restaurant services should also be praised!”

Sandra Fienko, Postdoc (University College London, UK)

“The RNA Mechanisms and Brain Disease meeting was my first Brain Conference, and I felt so welcomed. It was such a great opportunity to meet so many great minds in the field, exchange ideas, and find many more inspirations for my own project. Especially as an early PhD student, it was exciting to hear about such a wide range of RNA studies in neuroscience.

I very much look forward to the next Brain Conference.”

Alex Harvey, PhD Student (Aarhus University, Denmark)

“Having attended two Brain Conferences, I can attest that these meetings provide an ideal combination of excellent science, an open atmosphere and comfortable facilities, allowing attendees and speakers alike to easily focus on the academic exchange of ideas. As an editor of a scientific journal attending with press credentials, I would strongly recommend The Brain Conferences to other potential attendees with similarly broad scientific interests. With the focus of each meeting changing each year thanks to the helpful advice of the scientific advisory committee, I plan to regularly inquire as to the topic of all future meetings, given my confidence that only interesting and timely topics will be selected.”

Noah W. Gray, PhD (Senior Editor, Nature, USA)

“I really enjoyed the brain conference in sleep since i was able to have a close look at other people’s science and interact with top scientists in the field of sleep. I was able to present my work and got an honest feedback from many researchers in terms of how to improve my research and to set the future goal of my research direction in the field of sleep which is important at my career stage. The program dealt with diverse topics from animals models to human, which helped us to be exposed to various research field and views to look at the sleep research. The brain conference with only about 100 people made the atmosphere very friendly since we were able to constantly interact with other scientists.”

Shinjae Chung, Postdoc (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

The brain conference was well-organized. The sessions were engaging, and the speakers’ talks were insightful. The speed dating event was an excellent ice-breaker, fostering meaningful connections among participants!

Samia Afzal, Postdoc (Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany)